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You have to seal it to believe it.

Energy Savings

Duct sealing can help you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Leaky duct systems typically contribute to 20-40 percent of a home’s heating and cooling cost. If you plan to install a new heating and cooling system, having efficent ducts may make it possible for you to downsize to a smaller, less costly system.

Improved Comfort

If you find that some rooms in your home get too warm while others stay too cool – or if you experience uncomfortable drafts – it might be due to leaks in your duct system. Sealing ducts can help keep the temperature even.

Cleaner Air

Sealing your ducts can also improve the air quality inside your home and safeguard the health of your family. Leaky ducts can cause the air in your home to carry pollutants like car exhaust, pesticides, insulation fibers, mold or mildew, rust dust and more. Duct leaks can also draw in combustion gases from fireplaces, wood stoves, gas and oil furnaces, and water heaters.

Help the Environment

When you seal the ducts in your home, it reduces the amount of energy your home uses. The less energy we use, the less pollution we create. If we all do our part to conserve energy, we will have a cleaner, healthier environment.


Improve Home Comfort


Lower Your Energy Costs


Enjoy Allergy Relief

You have to seal it to believe it

In general, research proves that duct sealing has a quick payback and is one of the most effective energy saving measures you can prefer in your home.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research concludes the cost of sealing and/or insulating duct work can often be paid for in three years from energy savings alone. 

According to a study by DOE’s Energy Information Adminstration, duct sealing yields the greatest energy savings out of 12 measures studied – and it was the least expensive. 

Research by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concludes that 25 percent of the energy typcially used – and money spent – for heating and cooling is wasted through duct system energy losses in forced air distribution systems.

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Client Testimonials

“They put in 8 hours of solid work, some of it on the roof in the 100 degree heat and literally reaching down 4 feet into the main vents. I held Scott’s feet to give him leverage and not fall into the vent How many guys would go that far making repairs.”

Peter S.

Yelp Review ArrowSeal Tucson

I am so pleased with the results Scott and his associate achieved in my townhouse.  They were able to seal openings in the duct work so well that now I can’t smell the cigarette smoke from my neighbors’ house (with whom I share a wall) — this was my primary goal.  Scott’s concern and  conscientious work ethnic meant he went above and beyond, sealing my return air vent to block out spaces where air could flow between units.  Thank you so much, Scott, for improving my air quality, and quality of life!.”

Kerry P.

Yelp Review ArrowSeal Tucson

“Overall I am very satisfied with the service I received and with how honest Scott was. He explained things to me along the way and they made sure to put drop cloths down anywhere work was being done to help keep things clean. Based on my internet searches I also believe I got a very good price on the services provided.”

Nick L.

Yelp Review ArrowSeal Tucson

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